N.FAME (Family Accounts Manage Efficiently)

N.FAME, a personal file accounting software is a powerful tool designed to cater to the unique needs of individuals and families who want to manage their personal finances. The software offers a range of features, including budgeting, expense tracking, bill payments, and financial reporting. It also includes tools for managing investment portfolios and generating tax reports.

Key Features

Master Data Setup

By utilizing this functionality, individuals have the ability to configure their fundamental data elements including family size, member names, account listings, expenses, script masters and many more. This ensures precise monitoring of their income, expenses, and investments, empowering them to make well-informed decisions regarding their finances

Data Entry/Import

This software functionality enables users to input information regarding cash receipts, cash payments, bank payments received or made, and the buying or selling of shares. Furthermore, it includes a unique feature to import the bank pass book and broker contract note directly from the bank or broker website


This feature grants administrative privileges, allowing users to add new companies, modify existing details, include assets, delete contract notes, and make edits to other sets of master data.

Purchase/Sale Vouchers

Any stocks purchased or sold can be entered here by generating vouchers with a distinct broker code, scrip code, quantity, price and other such details


Intra-day trades executed on a particular day can be entered here by generating vouchers with a distinct broker code, scrip code, scrip name, quantity, and purchase & sale price

Financial & Tax Reporting

Encompasses the preparation and submission of various financial statements and reports which are required to assess the financial health of an individual. These reports can also be used to fulfil tax & legal requirements, thereby ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations

Financial Report
Enables the individuals to view and track different types of financial reports – cash book, bank book, trial balance, profit & loss statements and balance sheets that aid in assessing the financial health of the individuals
Group Report

Offers a consolidated view of financial statements for all family members presenting trial balances, account summaries, ledgers, funds inflow or outflow, script summaries and more in a unified format.

IT Reports

Provides comprehensive information on squared-up gains (losses), short-term profits (losses) and long-term gains (losses) which are necessary for filing income tax returns for individuals

Grand Father Report

Grandfathering report can be generated for all the tax payers in the family in accordance with the appliable income tax laws

Custom Reporting

Account Summary

Users can track the bank balance of all the members in a single view across multiple banks and bank accounts

Closing Stock

Tracks closing portfolio of the equity scripts by each member of the family including details like script name, quantity, price purchased, market price and market value

Script Summary

Users can access detailed reports for each script including information such as opening and closing units, sales and purchases made as well as booked and unbooked profits (losses) across multiple years

Stock Report

Track details like opening & closing stock, script wise summary, demat ledger and broker wise stocks across both cash and F&O segments


Real-time Financial Health

Provides individuals with real-time view of their financial health, ensuring accurate tracking of income, expenses and investments across segments

Generate Tax Reports

Simplifies the tax reporting process, allowing individuals to easily generate tax reports and file their taxes in a timely manner

Manage Investment Portfolios

Enables individuals to track their investment performance across multiple markets and manage their investment portfolios efficiently

Single-view for all Family Members

Facilitates the tracking of financial statements, tax reports, equity reports, bank statements, and other investment reports for all family members in a centralized location.

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