N.COLDSTORAGE, a robust accounting software designed specifically for the businesses operating in the cold storage industry. This powerful tool has a wide range of features including set-up of master data, seamless management of goods delivery receipts & challans, comprehensive tracking of product-wise stock and inventory management. Moreover, it facilitates the generation of customer invoices and provides a diverse array of financial reports to support accurate financial analysis

Key Features

Master Data Setup

Businesses can effortlessly configure and set up the master data within the tool using this feature. It facilitates the addition of vital data elements such as group details, product or item specifics, information about food or beverages and chamber details where items are stored. This streamlined configuration process ensures accurate and organized data management within the software.

Goods Deposit Receipt (GDR)

This functionality enables businesses to register the deposit of food & beverage items into the storage facility. It records essential details like the depositor’s name, item code, number of boxes, quality of the product, storage rate, service charges, value of goods and storage period. Moreover, the system allows for the printing of GDRs, which can serve as proof of storage.

Goods Delivery Challan

This functions as a delivery note for food and beverage items dispatched from the cold storage facility to the depositors. There is a provision to record vital information such as the depositor’s name, delivered quantity, balance quantity and receiver’s name. Additionally, the system allows to print delivery challans serving as proof of storage for both businesses and depositors.

Service Charges Receipt Voucher

With this functionality, businesses can generate receipts for service charges associated with the storage of food and beverage items in the facilities. These receipts identified with a unique number includes details such as party name, mode of payment, received amount, item name, linked GDR number as well as any applicable discounts.

Financial Reports

This feature allows users to monitor and access a wide range of financial reports including the cash book, bank passbook, day-wise summaries, ledgers, journals, profit & loss statements and balance sheets. It provides easy access to comprehensive financial information facilitating effective financial analysis and decision-making within the business.

GDR Reports

This capability allows businesses to effectively track and manage various aspects of cold storage facility operations. The businesses can get a comprehensive view of all the operational activities by generating reports like product-wise stock summaries, delivery challan registers, GDR registers and customer invoices. The information can prove to be vital for the businesses looking to optimize the operations and financial health of the storage facilities.


Accurate Inventory Management

Provides accurate and real-time inventory management, enabling the cold storage businesses to keep a track of their inventory, including perishable items and ensuring that they are stored at the correct temperature.

Simplified Billing & Invoicing

Simplifies the billing and invoicing process, automating the generation of accurate invoices for storage services. It ensures timely billing, improving the cash flow and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Real-time Financial Monitoring

Provides real-time visibility into financial data, allowing cold storage facility managers to monitor and analyze their financial health promptly. This enables informed decision-making and proactive financial management.

Time and Cost Savings

Effective monitoring and tracking of activities reduces manual errors and improves overall efficiency. Its reporting capabilities store valuable data that can be utilized to generate powerful insights on profitability and facilitate informed decision-making

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