Customer Metal Accounting

This module enables the process of tracking and managing metal-related transactions for customers, typically involving recording and maintaining accurate records of metal purchases, sales, transfers, and inventory for customers. This can include tracking of metal quantities, values, costs, and any associated fees or charges.

Key Features

Sale to Party

Record, track and manage details of sales made to a purchaser or the end customer, including details such as stone rate, purity percentage, making charges, wastage, total sales amount, etc

Purchase Ornament from Supplier

Record and track the details of ornaments purchased directly made from a third party or a supplier. After the ornaments are purchased, businesses can also track the payment made or received to/from the parties through various modes – metal exchange or cash payments or bank transfers

Rate (Bhav) Cutting against Gold

With this feature, businesses can establish predetermined or discounted prices for gold specifically tailored to respective parties. The pricing can be set using various units such as weight multiplied by the rate, amount divided by weight, or amount divided by rate, depending on mutually agreed terms with third-party suppliers or customers. This attribute can be utilized to attract customers, boost sales, or liquidate inventory.

Party Reports

This functionality enables users to access a consolidated summary of balances and ledgers for third-party entities or suppliers. Additionally, users can view a comprehensive list of purchase books, customer orders, estimate reports, and more in a consolidated format