N.CHITFUND is an intricately designed accounting software, tailored to address the specific demands of chit fund enterprises. This software encompasses a diverse array of functionalities including member management, auction management, financial accounting, reporting, as well as customer data management and receipt generation capabilities.

Key Features

Master Data Setup

This feature allows for seamless configuration and set-up of chits and members within the software by incorporating crucial details like chit code, start date, end date, member-wise data, months, agent code, chit amount and other essential information.

Data Entry

With this software functionality, users can effortlessly enter data pertaining to cash receipts, cash payments, bank payments, journal entries for chit members, dividend entries, rebate entries, chit lift entries and self-chit transactions. This information is vital for tracking the chit and member payments on a real-time basis.

Financial Reporting

Allows businesses to effortlessly monitor and access financial reports such as cash book, bank passbook, interest ledger, chit lift reports, group details, profit & loss statements and balance sheets either on an individual chit basis or in a single view consolidated for all chits managed by the client


Real-time Account Management

Facilitates real-time tracking of members, payments, auctions, and the accrued interest for each chit, ensuring that the chit fund businesses have accurate and up-to-date information at their fingertips

Efficient Collection Management

Enables chit fund businesses to manage defaulters by tracking their collections on an ongoing basis and providing insights into their profitability

Simplified Invoicing Process

Simplifies the invoicing process, enabling chit fund businesses to effortlessly generate and promptly deliver receipts to their members

Accurate Financial Health Tracking

The comprehensive financial reports generated by the software, including profit & loss statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements offer chit fund businesses a transparent view of their financial well-being

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