Factory Manufacturing

This module enables the process of tracking and managing metal-related transactions for customers, typically involving recording and maintaining accurate records of metal purchases, sales, transfers, and inventory for customers. This can include tracking of metal quantities, values, costs, and any associated fees or charges.

Key Features

Master Data Setup

Enables the configuration and storage of core data elements, such as stone master, item master, stone purity details, wastage, making charges and other crucial categories required in the manufacturing process of the jewellery

Order Entry & Tracking

With this capability, manufacturers can input orders, including comprehensive item details, and assign goldsmiths to each order. This capability enables efficient allocation and tracking of goldsmiths for specific orders

Stone/Metal Issue to Goldsmiths

This functionality involves recording the issuance of materials, including the type, quantity, and value of the materials issued, against the respective customer orders. This information is then used to track the materials’ usage, monitor production progress, and manage inventory levels.

Ghat Receipt & Polish

Once the typical mould-like framework is set according to the design, the manufacturer acknowledges the ghat receipt. While issuing the receipt, important details like date of completion, reference to specific design, weight measurement, etc. can be included. This receipt functions as a progress record, confirming the successful completion of the initial stage in the jewellry production process. Subsequently, the ghat issued for the polishing stage can also be recorded and tracked

Setting Receipts

This involves the process of receiving Jewellery pieces from goldsmiths or craftsmen after they have completed the initial step of setting stones in the Jewellery. The stones are typically inspected and verified for quality and accuracy. Once the stones are typically inspected and verified for quality & accuracy, the businesses receive the completed pieces from the goldsmiths, signifiying that they have reached a specific milestone in the production process.

Custom Reports

With this capability, manufacturers can access the metal/stone balance report for the factory and monitor the status of pending orders for each goldsmith or craftsman. Moreover, users can view a comprehensive tracking report for a specific customer order, covering the entire process from initiation to the final stage, using a unique order number